Chimney Services

Is there water damage in your home from a leak in your chimney? Are foul odors coming from your fireplace or stove? Perhaps your chimney could benefit from a safety inspection and cleaning. The experts at The Fireplace Doctor have you covered for any kind of chimney or fireplace problem. We are one of the industrys leading chimney companies, and we are now servicing homes and businesses in Daytona Beach and the areas surrounding it. With over 16 years of experience in the chimney sweep industry and memberships in the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association and Professional Chimney Guild of America, The Fireplace Doctor is dedicated to providing the best service possible for every customer. To ensure the best possible service for our customers, we always employ Allstar Chimney Academy certified technicians.

We offer a full suite of chimney services, including cleaning, inspection, solving water and odor problems, and even animal removal. We offer reasonably priced solutions, and work to save you time and money by offering same-day service for most repairs.

Routine Inspections / Cleaning

A routine cleaning and inspections is the best way ensure safe and reliable operation of your chimney. You may need to have the chimney inspected as part of the home buying or selling process, or you want to check for damage following a fire, earthquake or lightning storm. The Fireplace Doctor can help, no matter the situation. Dont let damages go unnoticed in your chimney; call The Fireplace Doctor to help.

Unpleasant Chimney Smells

Smells emanating from your chimney can be a sign of trouble. Our qualified technicians are adept at resolving odor problems, most of which are caused by a combination of elementary chimney deficiencies. Our first step in the repair process is sending a technician to trace the source of the odor. Creosote buildups and draft problems are two of the most common causes of chimney odors. The Fireplace Doctor technicians are trained to solve your Daytona Beach chimney odor problems and help prevent them from happening again in the future.

Animal Removal

When theyre looking for places to settle down, animals often choose the inside of a chimney because of its warmth and protection from the elements. We use a humane process to remove animals without harming them. To make sure no debris is left behind to cause further damage, the technician will clean the chimney and the area around the fireplace.

Masonry and Brick

Masonry chimneys are constantly exposed to rain, hail, sleet, snow and other harsh weather conditions, so signs of deterioration are to be expected over time. If your bricks are cracked or missing they could potentially allow water, insects, or cold drafts into your house, often creating more damage. So once you begin to notice the signs of deterioration, its important for you to have these problems fixed quickly. Weve trained all of our Daytona Beach chimney technicians to be able to rebuild, or repair your chimney completely, and theyve also all been trained to use a process called tuck pointing to replace missing mortar in between cracks in your bricks. They also apply a material called ChimneySaver, which is a very strong water repellant, and it will help you save heaps of money by avoiding costly repairs.

Preventative Maintenance Information

Most every chimney weve seen that has significant problems with it, could have been prevented early on if they used protective devices and standard maintenance. Many of our services here at The Fireplace Doctor of Daytona Beach are specifically used to help prevent damage from ever happening to your chimney. Any one of our technicians can effectively prevent water leaks, and animal infestations by using a lock-top damper onto your chimney top. Also, there are Daytona Beach waterproofing agents that we can apply to different parts of your chimney, ultimately stopping water from entering your home. We have trained all of our Daytona Beach chimney technicians to also use a complex waterproof flashing system that completely seals all of the cracks at the roof and near the base of the chimney.

All of our technicians are also trained to perform any kind of repairs for your chimney and fireplace to ensure that they keep running in an efficient manner. You shouldnt take these problems into your own hands, especially when it involves your chimney; we offer chimney services to help you save both time and money. If you are in need of chimney service, schedule your Daytona Beach chimney sweep today at (386) 868-0448 or email us!